Discover A Simple Herbal Solution to Easily Clear Stretch Marks, Acne & Keep Your Skin Glowing Naturally - 100% Guarantee!

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered how these Top celebrities manage to stay FREE from acne, stretched marks, dark spot, burn skin or any skin issues?

Get Prepared Because I am About To REVEAL Some Of Their Secrets To Clear And Gowing Skin.

The Best Part Is That These Herbal Materials Top Actors, Models And Other Cebebrities Use Are So Cheap, But They Make You Feel They're Spending Millions In Taking Care Of Thier Skin.

So I invited you here today because I want to show you just how simple it can be to clear your skin 100% naturally & gain back your CONFIDENCE with these new PRODUCTS - CLEAR SKIN SECRETS REVEALED!

Q & A Section

Before I show you what I have here, let me first answer the Two MOST asked questions on your mind;

1. Does it Have Any Side Effect?

Short Answer: NO

Long Answer: Everything said here has been Tested and Confirmed 100% Natural with ZERO side effect. So you've got nothing to worry about. What you're about to discover will Safely and Easily Remove Your Acne, Stretch Marks & Any Skin Tags Naturally.

2. Is This Going to Bleech or Turn My Skin?

Short Answer: NO

Long Answer: We carefully checked for the ingredients that made up these Natural Skin Care Solution, we found out that IT HAS NO CHEMICALS as part of the production ingredients. Which make it safe for use. Since all ingredients are 100% Nature base, It will never bleech or turn any skin.

“Having Acne, Stretch Marks or Any Skin Disease is Hard. But Healing It Doesn't Have To Be”

See Testimonies Of How People Successfully Breaked Through From Acne, Stretch Marks, Dark Spot Permanently With These Naturally Made Herbal Soap And Cream That I'm About To Reveal To You!

After all these testimonies, we saw a need to share these super simple products that absolutely anyone could use to start healing their skin naturally RIGHT AWAY!

But please note; For Privacy Reason Reason, This Message Is Only For Those That;

  • Have felt embarrassed because of rough "Skin"
  • Have experienced betrayal from their loved oned because they couldn't look so good
  • Have missed interesting occassions or events because of bad skin
  • Lack confidence when around public
  • The size of their Pimples brings them shame

If one of the above has happened to you, then you know how it feels. You know the crushing shame and embarrassment that bad skin leads to.

You need to get back on track -

You need to get your life back -

You need to Have a fabulous and glowing skin-

You need to restore your self esteem to do the things you always wanted to and wear the clothes you really want to wear –

You need to Finally release your beautiful and perfect skin to the world -

Lastly my friend, it's time to get your beautiful skin back and be in control once again.

Your age doesn’t matter, your present skin situation is not a problem. Remember, many people (above) was once in your shoes. Now they have raved about the effectiveness of this products and are enjoying a more beautiful and glowing skin.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve suffered from this shane for years...

And it doesn’t matter if you’ve tried other treatments that didn't work - this isn’t about that…

Because what I’m about to give you is not just some “treatment drugs"

It’s not a temporary fix, that helps ease the symptoms for some while...

What You’re About To Discover Is A Breakthrough Solution That Clears ALL Skin Problems At Its Core!

Now, let me ask you a serious question;

Are you ready to get a Blemish Free Skin? Complete freedom from stretch marks, eczema, acne, rough skin, skin rash, black spot etc...?

Do you need a Healthy & Fresh Glowing Skin?


Royal Skin Solution

What Is The Royal Skin Solution!

This is a Powerful Package that shows safest Practical Methods and Techniques of Getting rid of any skin problems and restoring a Glowing Better Skin WIthin two weeks of application!!!

The Royal Skin Package Consist of

Longrich BanBoo Soap & Pasjel Skin Cream
 The Result Is Extremely Massive!

The Longrich BanBoo Soap Is an effective, natural treatment basically for acne (pimples), dark spot, skin burn, and any other skin problem.

The bamboo charcoal in the soap makes it more absorbent than normal soaps and as a result it can clean deep inside the skin pores, cleaning better than normal soap.

It absorbs minerals, toxins, impurities, and other harmful substances from your skin, leaving you with stronger, healthier skin.

The bamboo soap is not only antibacterial but also anti-viral, anti-fungal and antimicrobial. As a result activated bamboo charcoal soap is ideal for people who are exposed to or battle fungal, viral and other bacteria based problems of the skin.

The Pasjel Skin Cream Its the leading precious skin body cream made from natural ingredients such as Olive oil, Cucumber seed extract, Vitamin E, Mineral oil, Water, Glycerin and lots more to remove Stretch marks, pinples, and pregnancy scar from the skin.

The product have been tested by thousands of users worldwide and was confirmed to be 100% EFFECTIVE and skin friendly. And because of the Naturally made ingredients (alpha-arbutin, collagen, cucumber seed extract, vitamin E, olive oil, jojoba oil), it is therefore safe to use on ANY SKIN COLOUR to reduce stretch marks, protect the skin from wrinkles and make your skin healthier.

“People all over the internet have been talking about the Effectiveness of these Products.”

How Much For The Royal Skin Solution

1 Pack of Longrich BamBo Soap & 1 Carton of Pasjel Skin Cream

2 Pack of Longrich BamBo Soap & 2 Cup of Pasjel Skin Cream

Free Delivery Nationwide...

Lagos Delivery 1-2 Working Days

Locations Outside Lagos: 3-5 Working Days

All DISCOUNT Price is valid for the next 5 days Only...

So you can simply place your order for one today by following the payment instruction below:

NOTE: All Discounts Will End in 5 Days Time. So It Will Go Back To The Normal Price.

How To Order In Nigeria

To order, complete the form & give us your CORRECT details. So our dispatcher can easily locate you.

NOTE: Every order will be delivered between 3-5 working days. So if you know you won’t be around to collect your package, please DO NOT place an order yet.


Method 1

This Method is Via Text Message.


Text ""SKIN CARE" with the following information below...

Your Full Name
Your Phone Number
Delivery Address

The Package You Want (2 Soap & 2 Cream OR 1 Soap & 1 Cream)
Send This Information As A Text Message To 0705 680 7197

Note: Save the number above incase you have any trouble with your order or delivery.


Method 2

 For people that loves everything to be done online, then this method is for you.


Please make sure your details are correct becuase this is what we will use to deliver the products to you.

Form Name

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Hurry Now, Get Yours Today!

We Offer A 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Now you can use these product  with NO RISK!

If you think that these product is useless for you, simply contact us and will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!



You can order now and pay Only Upon Delivery.

Yes, you only get to pay when this product has been physically brought down to you face-to-face by our courier company.

Place your order with confidence as we offer Nationwide payment on delivery.

PS: We Offer Nationwide Payment on delivery  on this particular product.  You Can Relax and place your order right away without fear of anything We deliver to you to your Door Step and at the point of receiving it you pay the delivery man  ₦22,000 Only…

PSS: The  DISCOUNT applies to ONLY those that are placing their orders today. Becuase Discount ends in 5-Days Time and the price will return to regular.

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